New England's Book of Acts

New England's Book of Acts is a publication of the Emmanuel Gospel Center in Boston, MA, and is modeled after the book of Acts in the Bible.  The book of Acts is in a narrative form and tells about how God was working to grow and advance the churches of the first century through key leaders and events.  But God is still working today!  New England's Book of Acts captures the stories of how God is growing the churches among many people groups and ethnic groups.  Emmanuel Gospel Center collaborated with various groups within the church to compile stories, articles, and resources from numerous people groups and ministries that help tell the story of what God is doing in New England.

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A Living Document

New England's Book of Acts is a living document.  This means that it is constantly being expanded and updated.  The stories of the people groups and ethnic groups captured so far are only a glimpse of the bigger picture of what God is doing to expand His Kingdom.  The purpose of this website is to share with the world about what God is doing in these ethnic groups and to build a community of  people to help expand and update it online.  If the story of your people is not represented, let us know and we will include it!

Detailed Church Lists Available for Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge
There are so many more churches in  New England than captured in the New England's Book of Acts. Mostly, because we don't have the means to do the research that is needed to discover all the churches, from house churches to storefront churches to churches in rented floors in industrial areas or in church buildings. For Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge, however, the Boston Church Directory provides a detail lists of all churches. Visit the church directory and let us know if your church is not listed!!!

Get Involved!

If you are interested in being a part of New England's Book of Acts and would like permission to research, edit, and contribute to this website, please contact the Emmanuel Gospel Center in the form here.

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New England’s Book of Acts
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